Some groups are holding virtual meetings online by both Internet and phone. These virtual meetings are currently hosted on Zoom, an app that is available to use on iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC. Meetings may also be attended by old-fashioned voice phone call. Please note Zoom is used merely as a platform and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Narcotics Anonymous.
To join a meeting, click on the Zoom link, or open the Zoom app and copy the associated meeting ID into the app. To join by voice call, dial (669) 900-9128, or toll-free at (855) 562-2789 extension 821, then follow directions.

CM: closed meeting, addicts only
OP: Open meeting, all may attend
DS: discussion
SD: speaker/discussion
C: Speaker only
WC: Wheelchair accessible
SS: Step study
BS: book study
BSJ: Book study: Just For Today
MM: men’s meeting
WM: women’s meeting
CP: chip meeting
KF: kids friendly
CL: candlelight meeting
**: Needs support