Surf Camp Subcommittee

Surf Camp Subcommittee

What is the Surf Camp Subcommittee:

The spirit of unity is enhanced when these events are created with the primary purpose of “carrying the message” to other addicts. The annual Surf Camp, which began in 2009, promotes sportsmanship, support, unity, fellowship and healthy entertainment for the SCANA as well as inviting neighboring areas to participate in the event. In holding this event annually, the principles of the 12 traditions and the 12 concepts will be followed and applied by the trusted servants of this event.

SurfCamp Guidelines Final- July 6, 2022

Contact us:

(855) 562-2789 x809 |

Monthly Meeting:

Meets on the second and fourth Monday of the month at  7:00 pm


Resource Center for Non Violence
612 Ocean St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Meeting ID: 916 0416 4731
Passcode: 8675309